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Elephant Safaris in Botswana

There are many unforgettable experiences in Botswana but interacting with the elephants at Abu Camp takes some beating. This is one of the most expensive camps in the Okavango Delta but if your budget allows it is worthwhile.

During your stay you will get to immerse yourself in their resident herd. There are people who feel that having tamed elephants and riding them in Africa is undesirable. These elephants were however either born in captivity or orphaned in the bush and rescued.

The riding is a very small part of your experience. Clients are introduced to the herd and learn all about their physiology and psychology. If you wish you can participate and assist in their mud baths, training and veterinary care. Guests are encouraged to join in discussions with the researchers there concerning elephant conservation and the future of the herds in Africa.

There are walks with the elephants where you lead one by the trunk. Riding the elephants through the bush is an incredible experience with an elevated view of all around.

Botswana elephant safari
Elephant Safaris in Botswana
Elephant Safaris in Botswana Video
Botswana Elephant Safaris