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Photography In Botswana

The Okavango Delta is a magnet to professional wildlife photographers. The best time for photography is around dawn and dusk when all the colours are rich. There are so many exceptional opportunities. However the published professional photographs you see have usually taken weeks or in some cases even months to capture.

The best platform for photography is the 4WD rather than walking or in the boats. Having said this Kwara has a double decker boat which gives a very good platform when stationary. One or two camps specialise in photography and have camera mounts on their vehicles. However most very serious photographers bring their own.

All the guides that we use are excellent in getting you into the very best position when faced with a photograph opportunity. Many of them are very serious photographers themselves and will give advice if asked. On the concessions it is permitted to go across open land to track one of the big five but not on government reserves.

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