Botswana Safaris

The Botswana Environment

The Environment is wide open plains of bush unspoilt by human interference. Lush vegetation and exotic flora and fauna. An abundance of animals and birds in their natural environment. Palm fringed islands you can visit by boat. There is a sense of freedom and a feeling of paradise. The variety of natural aspects to experience in this wilderness is immense. The wilderness of this pristine environment is incredible.

Through conservation strategies by building upon sustainable tourism and responsible travel every care is taken to ensure minimal impact to the environment. This is essentially achieved by restricting numbers in camps and on concessions in a policy of high revenue low volume tourism. It is a policy of taking care of the environment not only the land and wildlife but in fact most importantly; the people.

The local people through education and enjoying a high standard of medical care are supported by a stable economy and government. This support and mindset ensures that the very resources that attract visitors will self perpetuate.

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The Okavango Delta