Botswana Safaris

Planning your Botswana Safari

Planning your Safari is a job for the professionals. A typical three camp safari from most major cities in the world involves booking and coordinating:

  1. Four long haul flights (inbound & outbound); including connections usually to Johannesburg
  2. Two short haul flights (inbound & outbound); Johannesburg/Maun
  3. Four light aircraft flights
  4. Three camps
  5. Two hotels; Johannesburg or Maun
  6. Four Hotel/Airport transfers

That is nineteen events to be smoothly programmed and coordinated. That alone is quite a task but add to that the advise you will need regarding the best camps, hotels and small aircraft charter companies to use.

All the camps offered by any top Africa specialist safari company should have been visited by at least one person in their team. They should be able to speak from first hand experience. They should also be in direct contact with all the service providers not using agents. These are the questions you should be asking them. They should also have the infrastructure and knowledge should anything go wrong such as missing your flight.

Baboons in the Botswana Bush

Baboons in Botswana