Botswana Safaris

Botswana Helicopter Charters

Helicopters are the most versatile and exciting means to explore Botswana. Cruising at over 200 km/hr you can access the most remote areas of the Okavango Delta or the Kalahari Desert. Tracking and spotting the extensive wildlife from the air you can hover above or land nearby for those unique photographic opportunities. To date we have carried out a range of lodge transfers to and from the Okavango Delta, Maun, Kasane and various Zambian based lodges and camps.

Lodge Transfers & Scenic Flights To View The Botswana Wildlife

We can organise your transfers between camps and lodges or scenic flights from your camp or Maun and Kasane. We can put you down safely practically anywhere. Enjoy a champagne breakfast on a remote island or sunset drinks on the edge of a lagoon. Take aerial photographs from a stationary platform manoeuvred into the best position by our highly experienced and skilled pilots.

Each flight is flexible and tailored to meet your needs. You can combine a transfer with a scenic flight or be taken with a guide to spend the day in a remote area photographing the stunning scenery and prolific wildlife. The flexibility and opportunities are unparalleled. It can take hours by vehicle to track and spot the constantly moving wildlife. By helicopter we can achieve this in minutes. With fixed wing aircraft you have seconds for an aerial photo opportunity, by helicopter you may, if you wish, have hours.

We can combine a flight with your morning activities where your game vehicle will meet us in the bush and you can be taken for a scenic helicopter flight including a sumptuous lunch in a remote area which is inaccessible by land.

Botswana Helicopter Flights For Photographers

We have special helicopter packages for professional or enthusiastic photographers. For unimpeded views we can remove the doors for you where, safely strapped in, you can take as long as you wish to take shots from every possible angle and perspective.

Get the most out of your Botswana Safari

  • Bell 206b Jetranger III
  • Unsurpassed Photographic Opportunities
  • Stopping To Enjoy The Sunset
  • Landing To View The Wildlife
  • Hovering Over The Okavango Delta
  • Lifting Off From A Remote Area
  • A Short Break By The Lagoons
  • Getting Close To The Lions
  • Areas Only Accessible By Helicopter
  • Flying Over The Okavango Delta